Thursday, 29 August 2013

Moving On

I'm feeling very grateful for all the amazing opportunities in my life ... a recent increase in custom orders for jewellery with special meaning, a new development in my Etsy shop, a joint venture for a new craft fair, and new stockists for my work.

As well as looking ahead to a busy and productive Autumn, I am looking back with gratitude to everything I have learned and enjoyed as part of the Fourseven Collective.

Sadly our lovely shop at Heartlands is no longer 'Open ... please come in ...' but is now Closed. Due to a number of challenges and changes faced by a number of our members we found it no longer possible to continue with our venture at Heartlands.

The good news is that we are all moving on in our individual businesses, and we have joint ventures planned both as a collective and with colleagues.

You can find links to websites and on-line shops at our facebook page, where we will also post updates on upcoming craft fairs and other events.

Naturally Heartfelt continues to grow, you can find out more on my website at and on my facebook page .