Tuesday, 16 April 2013

All Aboard The Honesty Shop

The Honesty Shop is an on-line gift shop with a difference - combining a choice of gift with a choice of charity.

That's not the only difference: the London Honesty Shop is housed in a classic 50 year old double-decker bus operating from tourist locations in central London. 'Trusty' is the world's first unattended city shop, where payments are made in honesty envelopes into a custom-made letter box.

Honesty shops are typically seen at the farm or garden gate, where products are left for sale with an 'honesty' jar for customers to put their money in, usually for plants, flowers and vegetables. Trusty takes this to a new and intriguing level.

The bus helps showcase smaller items in the range but at the same time introduce more gifts that are available on-line at www.thehonestyshop.com.

The rural honesty shop was a common sight in Norfolk where I used to live, and often seen here in Cornwall, which may be why I was delighted to be asked if I would like to have a selling space with The Honesty Shop.