Friday, 12 October 2012

My heart must dream ... a love story

Inspired by the dreams, work and passion of an amazing woman - my sister Sally.

... only those who love can feel the pain
And only love will cause the heart to dream ...

The early 1970's and Sally is a trainee nurse at Westminster Children's Hospital in London.

Just starting her nursing career, Sally was heartbroken when the parents of twin girls took the healthy twin home, leaving their terminally sick baby, Ruth, in hospital. Ruth lived only a few short weeks, the nurses providing what love and care they could.

That day, Sally vowed that one day she would take children such as Ruth into her home so they could spend their days in a loving and caring environment.

Since then, Sally has provided respite for many babies and children, giving mothers of special needs children a much-needed break. 

In 2007 she founded the Spectrum Support Group in Vancouver, Canada, a non-profit agency that is committed to provide respite and support for women who are courageously caring for their children in difficult and challenging situations. The group became a Charitable Organisation in March 2010.

Fund-raising for Spectrum is a family activity as Sally's adopted daughter Devon (age 6) has designed and drawn a series of art cards to sell.

Creative Artworks Cards by Devon Livingstone.

These cards are now available at Fourseven Collective shop, Heartlands Cornwall.

I am proud and delighted to know that the sale of each bracelet will help fund the caregivers and mentors who are making a difference in the lives of the families they support.

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