Thursday, 4 October 2012

Image and Imagination ... meet the artists Part two

Colours ... memories ... connections in the evocative images of Betty in Motion.

One of the benefits of belonging to a collective, such as Fourseven Collective, is that you have a group of like-minded friends to support and encourage you when challenges arise, celebrate and share success as it occurs, and inspire and delight you with their work.

Another gorgeous work by the talented Anne Boo Whetter.

Delicate imaginative porcelain work by Alison Van Natta.

The lovely form of cowparsley interpreted in Textile Art and Stitch by Brenda Fox.

Karen Fox  of Pebblecraft  uses pebbles, gems and slate to create mirrors and more.

It's where you feel a sense of belonging, where you can be yourself and be accepted.
There's no place like home ... ruby red shoes by Anne Boo Whetter ... 'HOME' by Naturally Heartfelt ... tiles by Humble Cottage.

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