Saturday, 17 March 2012

Signs of Spring

This lovely little flower signifies for me that Spring is on it's way! It grows in a special, hidden place in the woods at Budock where we take the children and dogs for a run - it's quite magical there - the children know all the secret places where the fairies, pixies and gnomes are.

We've had a week of grey skies, but this morning the sun was shining and everywhere there is this lovely cow parsley just coming into flower. I love all the stages of cow parsley - this soft yellow green early on, then the exuberant foaming white at the height of summer, and later on the strong shapes of the dried flower heads.

The hawthorn fascinates me - this pretty little flower on the stark empty stems.

And look - a tiny wild bluebell just showing it's colour. There are some wonderful gardens here to visit to see carpets of bluebells - they will be at their height in May, but I love to find the early ones hidden away.

The weeping willow in my garden is just beginning to show its soft velvety buds.

I think the reason that the first signs of Spring are so exciting is that they are delicate, fragile and so fresh every year. It has to cheer us up after the winter cold. Once they start to appear of course they then come in abundance everywhere you look.

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  1. Such pretty photos - I love the tiny details of nature returning to life. We have a hawthorn hedge at the bottom of our garden with a haze of green appearing more each day. The huge magnolia tree has fat pink buds almost ready to burst open. Hope you have had a lovely Mothers Day. Karen X