Sunday, 26 February 2012

Pathways ...

I have started collecting pathways - taking photos of them - because they remind me that life is a journey, and we all have a choice. These stone steps look both enduring and inviting to me; I'm lucky enough to be able to follow the coast path around my part of Cornwall when I'm out for a ramble with Molly, and I love finding steps, gates and stiles.

The sign here appears more directive than directional, but if you do follow this path, you will be rewarded with this view:

Looking towards Swanpool on the way to Maenporth:) The view is just amazing and you can really see for miles.

Well, Molly's had her run on the beach and a dip in the sea at Maenporth, I've had a cup of tea at 'Life's a Beach Cafe', and now it's time to go home.

One more thing - remember when you feel you're walking alone, you have at least one person walking behind you. (

(thank you Theresa for this)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Go with the flow ...

Even when it seems that everything is as still as can be, there is always movement, no matter how slight or beneath the surface it may be. The exciting thing about going with the flow - whether it's a ripple, a gentle rock or a strong whoosh is that you never know quite what will happen.

Last summer when my work was accepted for sale by Studiofourseven I was very proud and happy, but little realised that this would further lead to an amazing opportunity to be part of an artists collective and share a studio/retail space with 15 other fantastic artists at Heartlands, Cornwall. 

A huge thank you goes to Louise:

NEWS: Months and months a go I wanted to open our gallery at Heartlands but the criteria for a space there was quite strict. One artist per space and the space had to be open 7 days a week 10am - 5pm, I couldn't do that. Last week I found out that these rules had been relaxed :) So........Last Friday I put in an application for one of their purpose built studio/retail spaces for a co-operative to work and sell from. Off the back of the application form we were invited for an interview (this morning) with the Heartlands board of directors...The board said YES! So we are now officially a co-operative of 16 artists with a wonderful new space in a wonderful new 20 acre complex, that houses theatres, parks, restaurants, and museums. We will be offering drop in sessions in many arts and crafts for kids and adults to get their hands dirty. I'd love for you all to come up and have a go. Louise x

This picture of Molly on the beach a couple of weeks ago more or less sums up my feelings about this new venture: "Oh wow! Yes, I want to jump in there! It looks a bit scary but I'm up for it."

The great thing is that it will be a shared experience with a fabulous group of people working as a co-operative so I'm ready for the ride.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Follow your Dreams

I have to pinch myself to believe that I am living and working in Cornwall, as five years ago that was my 'out of reach' dream. To be working on my own jewellery design and making has been even more my dream and my ambition, and even though more than one person told me "you'll never make a business of that", my quiet determination - some say stubbornness - has proved them wrong:)

I've met and made some wonderful friends who have encouraged and supported me and I owe a lot to everyone who said "that's good ... I love that". 

Now I'm so proud to have my work sold in such inspiring places as Studiofourseven in Redruth, Two Little Birds Vintage Boutique and Tyto Boutique, Falmouth, as well as the new on-line site Two Red Trees.

Dreams evolve and grow, change direction and lead us to new things - Two Little Birds are closing their boutique shop and continuing on-line; I'm very grateful to Ella and Emma for loving and showcasing my jewellery for the past two years. And I'm hoping to have some exciting news myself soon about another amazing opportunity.

 I have this hanging in my room so I can remind myself every day to keep on making and creating as that is my dream, even when life gets in the way and discouragement sets in. The Lotus is also called a 'mudflower'; with roots in the pond soil, yet the beautiful plant floats and blossoms on the surface. It’s great that something so lovely can come from mud, and this inspires me as well when it feels like I’m bogged down in the mire.